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ProPack Partners With App47 to Empower Millions of Android Tablet Devices
Co-Created Productivity Toolbox Will Increase Content and Capability of Devices throughout US and Internationally.


May 30 2013, Reston, VA – App47, a Northern Virginia-based provider of advanced enterprise mobile application management services, recently announced its partnership with ProPack, an Austin, Texas, company that connects Android tablets to strategic applications and cloud services. The two companies have collaborated to equip tablets with innovative content and capabilities at the manufacturing level by preloading the devices with a customized toolbox featuring best-of-breed applications and cloud solutions.

“We’re looking forward to launching the solution platform within the next few weeks,” said ProPack founder Brandon Frye. “ProPack empowers our tablet partners with the ability to differentiate in a competitive marketplace, at the same time solving their internal storage limitations and security concerns.”

Frye noted that ProPack’s Android tablet Toolbox, powered by App47, currently includes cloud storage, security, remote desktop, print sharing, credit card processing services, password management, and a host of other business-critical apps. In addition to App47, partners include SugarSync, PrintShare, Avast, F-Secure, Mobile Dynamix, PayAnywhere, and Catch..

“We plan continual enrichment to our broad selection of best-of-breed applications, allowing customers to truly leave their laptops behind,” added Frye. “All of these will be easily available and manageable thanks to App47.”
Reinforcing the effectiveness of the Toolbox solution with respect to enterprise mobile app management, App47 CEO Chris Schroeder explained that whether you’re like ProPack, who will be providing millions of users with a pre-populated marketplace, or you’re a smaller organization with hundreds of employees, the app store approach is ideal for any enterprise that needs true mobile app lifecycle management.

“This isn’t just about easy app installation,” said Schroeder. “This is about mobile app management from deployment through upgrade, evaluating security, and providing ultra-deep performance analytics. The app store certainly facilitates app acquisition, but our Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution is what really brings our value to the partnership.”

Schroeder went on to detail how ProPack partners will now have previously unavailable insight when evaluating app performance, seeing much more detail than merely whether or not an app was downloaded and deployed. Analytics will be as specific as time and length of use, implementation of specific in-app features, even device and network operational conditions conducive to performance troubleshooting and issue resolution.

App47 specializes in the enterprise mobile application management (MAM) lifecycle from deployment, through management, to performance analytics and ROI, while ensuring enterprise and user data privacy and optimized mobile user experience. App47 offers free versions of its enterprise and developer edition and allows users to automate mobile application deployment by creating their own self-service enterprise app stores. To learn more, visit